The Boone County Clinic is currently utilizing Vivitrol to treat alcoholism and drug addiction. Vivitrol is prescribed for people who have recently stopped drinking and using opioid drugs (such as morphine, heroin and prescription pain medications). Vivitrol works by blocking the effect that alcohol or opioids have on the brain, and reduces the cravings that many people experience after they quit. As an opioid receptor antagonist, Vivitrol blocks the usual brain reaction that produces a feeling of pleasure with opioids are consumed. Vivitrol is a monthly injection that is covered by most insurance plans. A regime of Vivitrol and counseling for alcoholism and drug addiction has shown successful results for a healthier life. With alcohol, it is not certain how Vivitrol actually works, but it seems to affect the endogenous opioid reinforcement system. In other words, it changes how the brain responds to alcohol and drug consumption.